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Our Curriculum

In strict compliance with the national Policy on Education, the academic curriculum of the colleges is divided into two segments, namely, the Junior Secondary School and the Senior secondary school.

In the first three years, all students follow a common curriculum which provides widely-based courses centered on the acquisition of study skills and fundamentals which prepare them for the demands of the Third Form Examination or JSSCE. The subjects offered at this level are English Language, Mathematics, Business Studies, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology, Home Economies, Fine Arts, French, Computer Studies, Religious Studies, Music and Agricultural Science.

Thereafter, students are arranged in classes and sets according to their ability in any particular subject. Each student has a tutor who keeps a personal eye on his or her progress at a weekly confidential meeting. A record showing performance is marked on a regular basis and is always available to parents to see.

At this level, students can specialize in Art, Commercial or Science oriented subjects. Because of the stipulation by the national Policy on Education, English Language and Mathematics are made compulsory for all students irrespective of their subjects of specialization.

In preparing our students for various external or public examinations, the students are properly counseled and guided by the appropriate unit (Guidance and Counseling Department).

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